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5 Essential Marketing Practices

By September 24, 2019October 3rd, 2019Marketing

Close out 2019’s last quarter with a bang by boosting your marketing practices.

It’s no secret that marketing trends are always changing. With that said, it’s best to keep an eye out and make sure your organization is executing marketing practices that will help reach short-term and long-term goals. Be sure to implement these five essential marketing practices in this year’s closing marketing efforts.

1. Define and Target your Audience

Audience identification is a must for successful marketing. Define your ideal buyer and then see who’s engaging with your organization and how they are interacting with your ads, social media and website content. Oftentimes, you’ll see a common trend in your organization’s demographic. For example, if you run marketing for a PR firm and see that client testimonials and case studies are receiving the most clicks, you should focus on enhancing those practices. Analyze what techniques are working best and then expand on them. Also, online users find credibility in organizations that are mentioned across the internet in a positive light. This is especially true when talking about online reviews. Given those details, it’s important to be able to have access to sentiment analysis so you can better track your audience.

According to Dimensional Research, 90% of respondents who recalled reading online reviews claimed that positive online reviews influenced buying decisions.

With this stat in mind, it’s best to always consider your audience when pushing out marketing practices that can lead to them sharing their experience with your organization. The more exposure your business has, the more potential it has to grow its audience and influence other prospects. Defining and targeting your audience will ultimately help you identify how to drive brand awareness and increase audience interest. 

2. Create Personalized Email Campaigns

Next, it’s best to keep new and existing customers informed with your organization’s latest updates and industry trends through email marketing. Creating email campaigns enhance your customer journey through automation. When creating these emails, be sure your messages don’t sound like canned responses. Make the customer email experience as authentic and genuine as possible. 

Best of all, email campaigns are a great way to educate and upsell existing clients on additional products of yours. Plus, many of today’s email marketing companies provide services that will allow you to track customer actions and identify what email content stands out to clients. Overall, having a successful email campaign provides additional exposure to your site, its product and its content.

3. Produce Content Marketing

Another powerful marketing tool is content creation. Content appeals to your website visitors by presenting the validity of your organization’s knowledge within your industry. Publish interesting blog posts and share them across social media. If you’re not sure what else to post about, consider repurposing content. There can be a lot of value in bringing back popular topics from previous blog posts. Also, consider networking with influencers and work with them to have them share your content as well. Once you produce the content, it’s best to spread it across the internet as much as you can. 

Year-over-year growth in unique site traffic is 7.8x higher for content marketing leaders compared to followers (19.7% vs 2.5%) – via Aberdeen

Given those exciting numbers, it’s time to start typing away!

4. Apply Backlinks

Stay relevant by implementing backlinks to help your organization rank well on search engines.

Here’s a few of our top SEO tips:

  • Produce trending content 
  • Have industry pros share your links
  • Focus on respected industry publications

Following these steps allows search engines to acknowledge your website’s legitimacy and relevance for specific keyword searches. 

5. Utilize Earned Media Coverage

Ultimately, applying all of the previously discussed practices into your marketing schedule will increase online awareness. Having said that, your brand’s presence has the potential to grow, and other organizations and marketing pros will be more likely to source your content in their own, mention you across social media or their blog and reference your site’s resources all across the internet. Keep track of your mentions and take advantage of the additional reach your earned media coverage can provide.

Until next time!

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