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5 Competitor Analysis Tools You Need to Beat Your Competition

By April 2, 2019April 30th, 2021Marketing
Competitor Analysis

As a PR or marketing professional tasked with keeping your brand strong, you understand how important competitive analysis is. Managing your brand in a vacuum isn’t enough; you have to understand what tactics and channels your competitors are using and how they are messaging their own brand. You may be able to learn from their strategies or find some space in your target market that they aren’t hitting effectively. But without competitor analysis tools you simply can’t achieve this. We have five competitor analysis tools that’ll help you stay ahead of your competition!

“The great thing about using competitor analysis tools is that, while they’re checking out what the competition is doing, they’re also monitoring your own business performance and can give you data on yourself that can help you make improvements,” explains Jennifer Webster, marketer at Next CourseWork and 1 Day 2 Write.
1. WooRank

WooRank conducts an SEO audit and gives you comprehensive results. You can also compare your SEO to your competition by adding up to three competitors and comparing results like their keyword usage, technical website optimization, and more!

2. Wappalyzer

This free tool identifies what software your competitors are using. Discovering what platforms your competition is using to measure their success enables you to keep on top of trending technologies and streamline your team’s workflow by cutting down on tasks.

3. SimilarWeb

Discover potential partners or leads you can be working with using this competitive analysis tool. It will help you in identifying emerging trends and explain consumer intent. After collecting the raw data, SimilarWeb searches through it to find the information you need, bringing it to you in an easily readable way.

4. Owletter

With Owletter, you can get an excellent overview of the emails your competitors are sending from their websites and how effective they are using this analysis tool. You’ll see whether your competition has a regular schedule for sending emails, what topics they’re discussing and if they have a reputation for sending out spam emails.

5. Critical Mention

Know what’s happening as it happens with the help of this all-in-one, real-time media monitoring service. Have access to quick and accurate results with customizable reports and intuitive tools provide you the insight you need to make decisions about your brand, competition and industry as a whole.

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Critical Mention
Competitor Analysis

As a Marketing Manager at Academic Brits and Origin Writings, Emily Marchant has the responsibility of renewing and retaining an existing subscriber base through the use of campaigns involving everything from newsletters and sponsored content to partnerships, ads and events. She’s also a contributing blogger at PhD Kingdom, and is an excellent project manager and a proven team player.