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Dos & Don’ts of Content Creation

By April 24, 2020Marketing

Getting started with content creation can take time. Not only do you have to figure out when to post, but brainstorming ideas about what to post and which platforms to post on can be challenging.

First, you have to decide where the content will be published. This can either be a website, blog or any of today’s top social media platforms. Choosing the right medium will help narrow down your post format options, which include posting by text, image, video, poll, etc. Whichever method you use, make sure that your message is clear and concise. Most importantly, your post should be directed toward a defined targeted audience. You can do this by using industry keywords and phrases that your audience will understand. You can also tailor your posts to discuss trends or events that are timely to your audience. Once you’ve got these basic steps covered, you’re ready to start creating.



Maintain Consistent Branding

Brand Consistency Breeds Sustained Awareness

Choose a select number of colors and stick to them. This will help simplify design work and make it more recognizable.

Make your content identifiable by sticking to one or two font types for all your content.

Include your logo in infographics, social media posts or any other content that has the potential to be shared by others. 

Evoke Visual Clarity

White Space is Visual Gold.

Leave white space in your content.

Adjust your content so it proportionally fits the size of your design. An Instagram post size is typically different from a Twitter post size. Keep this in mind to make sure you’re properly representing your brand in an unobtrusive way.


Create a Cluttered Post

Bulky borders and scattered design elements don’t always blend well.

Let your content design consume the page and overpower the message your brand is trying to convey.

Always layer text over images. They’ll blend in and not be the call-to-action content you’re hoping to create.

Center Everything

Centered text and images are nice, but not when overused.

Stick to one text alignment form throughout all of your designs, if so, they could appear monotonous and uncreative to some.

Choose one image alignment for all your content. Instead, consider a wrap-around layout or left/right inline alignment.

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Priscilla Osorio

Priscilla is the marketing coordinator for Critical Mention. Early on in her career, she developed a passion for marketing, writing and anything within the communication field. During her leisure time, she loves to watch her favorite sports teams and explore new restaurants with friends and family.