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Digital Marketing Tips: Make your Business Stand Out

By September 13, 2019Marketing

Want to digitally stand out within your industry and outperform your competitors?

In this post, we provide organizations with our top digital marketing tips that will help elevate your business marketing strategy.

Define Your Brand’s Tone

Every organization must identify and establish its brand’s tone. Different tones appeal to different audiences. With that said, we recommend you analyze how you best communicate with current customers and translate that tone into your digital copy. Also, consider your company culture when making this decision. What type of tone are you hoping to express to your clients? Asking questions like this provides a better understanding of how you should digitally communicate with clients.

Also, we recommend you take a look at how your competitors are digitally communicating with similar audiences. Doing so provides a better understanding of how your brand should move forward with online interactions. The key is to communicate similarly, yet find a way to make your tone distinctive. Let’s say your competitors are practicing successful digital communication by providing clean, simple and straightforward marketing collateral. In that case, you should avoid clutter and long descriptions in your posts and digital work. Then, provide consistency in your graphic designs. You’ll be championing your brand’s tone when your audience can do a quick scroll across their media and instantly identify your digital work by taking a quick look at your copy or visuals.

Identify Your KPIs

Once you know how you plan on delivering your digital messages, you’ll have to identify which KPI metrics you want to track. Start by analyzing campaign goals you’d like to reach. Here are just a few:

Different KPIs your Organization can Measure:
1. Unique Website Visitors
2. Social Mentions and Sentiment
3. Form Conversions
4. Referral traffic from online news coverage

Measuring the performance of your organization’s digital efforts will help you identify what strategies to push forward and which ones to set aside. Keep in mind, it’s very important to track earned media KPIs as well. Whether it’s from social media, online publications or broadcast stations, today’s digital marketers must always take advantage of their earned media coverage.

Keep SEO in Mind

SEO plays a big part in today’s digital media marketing. To start, you’ll need to make sure you are writing with voice search in mind. Consumers are now conducting an incredible amount of their searches through hands-free features like Siri and Alexa, which are constantly at their disposal. Therefore, you’ll need to optimize your digital marketing practices for voice search.

In addition, your website’s digital presence should comply with ADA standards. This is necessary so people with disabilities can have a trouble-free user experience while on your site. Your images should contain descriptive alt tags so the visually impaired can identify what your image content consists of. Plus, making your site ADA friendly also benefits your site’s rank on search engines.

Publish Evergreen Content

Evergreen content – or content that is not tied to timing or a specific event – provides great value to your site because it is relevant to many all year round.

A great way to start is by brainstorming common phrases and sentences that your clients might be searching. Most of these will include “how-to” content, and “tips” searches. Use these common search words to influence your blog titles and copy.

Utilize Video Marketing Strategies

Video marketing is a must! We live in a digital age where people have short attention spans and want information quickly. Video marketing is made for such people. Also, be sure to keep those KPIs in mind when creating video marketing content.

According to Hubspot Research, 54% of consumers would prefer seeing video content from their favorite brands than any other kind of content.

Video Marketing is the way to today’s online users, especially those on social media. Producing marketing videos can help increase your chances of being ranked higher across top search engines.

Foster Client Relationships through Email Campaigns

For our last tip, we recommend consistent communication through email. Provide newsletters to interest and educate long-term clients about new products and company updates. Email marketing is also to keep your brand top-of-mind to prospective clients.

Until next time!

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