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Launching first analytics dashboard with live TV and social streams

By March 26, 2014February 17th, 2021API

While Critical Mention is best known for making TV and radio searchable for thousands of PR pros, a lesser known fact is that we’re a component built into other service providers’ business intelligence platforms.

The biggest marketing automation and PR workflow platforms have plugged in the Critical Mention API to provide a TV and radio layer to services that either had no broadcast coverage before, or to upgrade their old methods of delivering broadcast to users.

The latest platform to integrate Critical Mention serves a different kind of user, and the presentation is both elegant and revealing.

Los Angeles-based Bottlenose is now presenting TV and radio content from Critical Mention alongside social media data streams in a real-time dashboard that resembles a Sonar scope. With help from a proprietary natural language processing engine, Bottlenose has become the first platform that identifies real-time trends in broadcast TV, radio and social.

For example, users can watch or listen to TV and radio segments that are driving spikes in social conversation. What brand would not want to immediately click on the TV clip that is spawning lots of interaction on Twitter?

The opposite is true, too. Users can see trending topics that start in social and watch in real-time as they spill over into broadcast. They can assess where conversations begin, morph, extend and fade.

Bottlenose clearly has opportunity inside marketing departments at major brands, but also at media-buying firms that are keen to see influencers and terms closely aligned with their clients both in social and on TV, where the vast majority of ad dollars are still spent.

Anyone building a bunker, war room or command center for real-time analysis should take a look. So should any CMO keen to perform ongoing live event or competitive monitoring.

We’re thrilled to be working with Bottlenose to help the world analyze and correlate real-time TV and radio data in the same manner as social.