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Political Campaign Ad Awards 2014

By October 31, 2014February 12th, 2020Advertising

Written by Nicole Lennon:

Election Day is only a few days away and we’ve been keeping a close eye on this year’s candidates. Though we don’t know how things will turn out on November 4th, we know who has been spending their time (and money) on the television screen. Debates, interviews, and press conferences are just some of the candidate appearances you’ve seen this election season, but it can’t be argued that the most entertaining campaign tactic is the TV commercial, and a growing number of online video ads.  Here’s our highlighted candidates’ TV mentions from the past two weeks:


We at Critical Mention are the Neil Patrick Harris’ of this year’s Political Campaign Ad Awards. We have media coverage of the corny, the impactful, and the tear-jerking moments of this year’s campaign commercials.

1.       Jeanne Shaheen- Most Successful At Making Opponent Look Like James Bond

Jeanne Shaheen, we would first like to say that it’s great that your names rhyme with each other. Aside from that, we’re not entirely sure what Scott Brown did wrong because he looks so macho in this commercial.

2.       Tom Udall- Best Combination of a Veteran and the Up theme

How cute is this guy? He’s active, he’s happy, and there’s swing music playing in the background. You can take more money out of my paycheck for social security if it’s going to this guy.

3.       Seth Moulton- Best AT&T Commercial Spoof

Great job Seth. These kids are both adorable and smart. In fact, if you win you should hire them all as part of your staff.

4.       Joni Ernst- Best Use of Farm Animals in reference to Washington

Who doesn’t love a good metaphor?

5.       Bruce Braley- Best Ken Burns Effect on iMovie

Did the ASPCA commercial just come on? If you want impactful, the documentary-style editing here is a winner.

6.       Ann Callis- Metaphor Award

Another great metaphor.

7.       Dick Durbin- Tear Jerker Award

 Well, that’s one way to get votes. Pass the tissues, please.

 8.       Michelle Nunn- Best Ad Attacking Ads That Attack

So meta.

9.       Cory Gardner- Best Supporting Grandma

She’s strong, she’s supportive, she’s getting you votes.

10.   Mark Udall- Best Anti-Politics Politics

One way to get votes is to go against everyone who is currently or has ever been in office. Everything is terrible. The world is ending. Change is imminent if you vote for Mark Udall.

11.   Tom Cotton- Best Use of a Puppy

Exploiting puppies. It’s a requirement.

12.   Tim Walz – Most Likely to Take Running for Office Literally

Run, Tim Walz, Run.

13.   Dan Maffei- Best Use of Crime Show Graphics

There’s a reason Law & Order is the longest running crime show on TV. People love it. Good move, Maffei.

14. Mary Landrieu- Best Vacation Ad

Wait. Was I just watching a campaign ad? Because I just bought myself tickets to New Orleans.

15. Mitch McConnell- Ad of the Year.

Standing ovation for you, McConnell. This ad does a great job of making fun of the campaign ad process while being funny and not corny.

With 17,000 mentions in the past two weeks, Mitch McConnell wins the most TV Mentions Award as well as Ad of the Year. 

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