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Critical Mention Beats the Competition
When It Really Matters

There’s no point in comparing media monitoring services without considering the nitty-gritty of what you need to get done every day. Critical Mention will build a customized package that will make your job easier, save you time and help you impress the heck out of your boss. Those other guys? Not so much.
Other Guy Monitoring
Critical Mention
Other Guy Monitoring


Critical Mention User
Jen gets to the office at 8 AM. By 8:03 she’s drinking in every media mention she needs, along with her delicious cappuccino.
Critical Mention Monday
“Other Guy” User
Heather got in early, but now it’s lunchtime and she still doesn’t have all the media content she needs. And her coffee’s cold.
Other Guy Monday


Critical Mention User
Jen puts together a fully-customized report for her boss, complete with logo and snazzy colors. It took her about 10 minutes. Jen’s boss is happy.
Critical Mention Tuesday
“Other Guy” User
Heather tries to put together a report for her boss, but she needs to pull data from multiple sources and she can’t get the layout to look right. This is not going well.
Other Guy Tuesday


Critical Mention User
Big news happening right now will impact one of Jen’s top clients. She changes her automated real-time search terms so she can stay on the story all day.
Critical Mention Wednesday
“Other Guy” User
Important real-time events are rapidly occurring, but Heather can’t keep up. One of her clients calls to tell her the latest. Embarrassed much?
Other Guy Wednesday


Critical Mention User
Jen calls her account manager to make sure she’s getting the most out of Critical Mention. She’s up to speed, no problem.
Critical Mention Thursday
“Other Guy” User
Heather has a question about her media monitoring service but there’s no one available to help her. Fail.
Other Guy Thursday


Critical Mention User
Jen kicked butt this week, and everyone knows it. Time for a well-deserved happy hour with the team.
Critical Mention Friday
“Other Guy” User
What a lousy week. And it’s getting worse. Heather has to stay late tonight and come in on Saturday.
Other Guy Friday