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people in arlington are fed up. they say their city gets no respect. >> now they want to make sure that everyone across the country knows that the new cowboy stadium is in arlington, not dallas. kim fisher joins us from arlington. ken? >> reporter: people here in arlington say national broadcasters have to change the way they refer to the stadium behind me. they say the palace in dallas gets undertheir skin. >> the palace in dallas. >> there's only one request coming out of arlington -- >> give arlington some love. >> they should get their name out there. >> if you were watching last night's broadcast, you probably heard this over and over again. >> new football palace in dallas. >>>palace in dallas, witty, sure, but people n arlington were not impreesed. >> i was shocked when i was walking through the room. i heard them saying the palace in dallas. i'm like, we're the taxpayers. we're the ones paying for it. >> that caused me to sit up in the chair and almost reach for the phone. >> richard green is a public affairs professoo at uta and &- also the city's former mayor. >> byrd makes it 5-3. >> green says the same thing happened in the '90s when the ballpark was built here. the city fought hard for recognition then and they'll have to do the same thing now. >> just diligence on the part of the city's leaders and citizens to call in, to insist that arlington get the recognition it deserves. >> and for those of you who wrote in to us hoping the cowboys would change their name from the dallas cowboys to the arlington cowboys, green says don't get your hopes up. they may not play in dallas, but that's still their franchise name.
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