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governor, someone has to fill her seat in washington. the mayor's name has come up. when asked if he'll run, his chief of staff said they don't comment on rumors but would not rule it out. >>> tonight several fort worth landowners are fighting to keep their property. the transcript river vision authority voted unanimously on wednesday for a resolution calling for the use of eminent domain. the trv has been negotiating with landowners along henderson, main and houston to buy up property that's need for that trinity uptown project, a $909 million flood control and economic development plan. >> well, they're need for the bypass channel and for the bridges that are being designed that have to cross the bypass channel. >> don't want to get rid of it. would like to keep it. very happy. >> the regional water district still has to approve the resolution. a decision is expected at the next meeting. that will be on september 15th. >>> it's a historic shift and your household might be part of the change. in 1975 women made up nearly 40% of the nation's workforce, but now that number has jumped to nearly 50%. women could surpass men in the next few months. katherine blake has more on the impact on north texas households. >> reporter: north texas women are celebrating. >> i think it's wonderful because we did struggle to get where we are today. >> to be the majority i think is a positive step in the right direction. >> reporter: for the first time in history there are about to be more females in the workplace than male. >> i don't perceive it as them taking over my job. people are in the workforce, people are going to compete. >> reporter: by october or november, women are expected to be the majority job holders. credit the recession for the shift. >> a lot of the jobs being left are in manufacturing and construction. typically male-dominated jobs. the jobs that are being maintained and growing in fact are the service sector type jobs, teaching, nursing, the kinds of jobs that women have dominated all along. >> but it's not all good news according to university of texas at arlington business management professor myrtle bell who wrote the diversity in organizations textbook. >> women's earnings compared to men's are about 78 to 80%. so we're earning quite a bit less than men are. >> carol doss is the clinical director at the family counseling center. she said the current workplace envinment is changing family dynamics in america. whether both parents work or one as the sole bread winner. >> everybody is stressed about the fear of losing jobs. that's a big thing for men and women: difference that i see at this point is for some reason women are still feeling the burden for all the household stuff. still, even the women who are making more money. >> reporter: she doesn't see that part changing. in fort worth, katherine blake, cbs 11 news. >>> relieve your stress through ancient art and do it for free. plus... >> so you really can transform your look very, very easy
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