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here's nbc's kristi nelson. >> jennifer smith is about to get a degree in social work and is already working hard. >> i was calling to follow up with you. >> right now she's recruiting for a youth summer job program that she designed for an fort worth-based program that helps ex-offenders get their lives back on track. >> my brother has been incarcerated, in and out since he was 15 and i've seen the struggles he's had when he's gotten out and not having anyone to walk alongside him. >> reporter: jen save a survivor of childhood abuse. she and her older brother grew up together but his life turned out differently. he's currently serving a nine-year prison sentence in florida. >> he felt he didn't have the social skills to know how to relate, didn't have the opportunities to find a job or didn't have the opportunities to be able to make things different. >> reporter: jennifer's youth employment summer program is for ex-offenders ages 16 to 24. it will start later this month. >> so many people that young of age don't know what they want to do especially if they have been incarcerated. they have never had the opportunity to explore their strengths. >> reporter: participants will be placed in subsidized work for the summer where they can build a work history. jennifer's boss says she's a perfect person for the job. >> she's young and the young people will relate to her and she has a passion for it. >> reporter: in fort worth, kristi nelson, nbc 5. >> and they hope funding for that program will extend beyond the summer. jennifer graduates next friday from uta. >>
Total Number of Clips: 1

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