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they always dreamed of opening up a restaurant like this in a place like this. but up until a few years ago when the c ity finally made some changes it was possible. ss >> a lot of those places arela hopping already there. >>> well, several high schools are going to move their graduation ceremonies next years to ut arlington park center. it features 7,000 seat building gstill under construction. it's going to open next year. "star telegram" reports five ts will hold theirhe graduations next year as well as cleyvilleil heritage, grapevine. >>> enrollment at the universityt of northofth texas has dropped. this more more than 35,700 are enro lled at unt. down 360 s tudents from last year, 36,000. the universities saye s they are s.a.t. scoress. and higher class ranks than previous years. smart group. ou>> quality not quantity, right? >>> if you are a student in one of the high schools in richardson isd, you can now use
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