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Sep 22 2008 7:52AM
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>>> catch up on the workout while the baby catches up on sleep. here with a nap time tone up is erin kurdyla. >> it's simple and fun. it's that time we get the kids down to nap and we're ready to go. we're marching. have fun with this. >> i would try to shower when they would go down for a nap. >> you can do that too. that's important. this leaves enough time to do that. >> a little of both. >> 23 minutes is all it takes. >> you've got four kids yourself. >> four kids. i'm a busy mom. >> moms are all in the back. >> bring those knees up right here. knees up. core tight. we've got to work on the bellies. >> this is in the self magazine, 23 minutes,. >> 23 minutes. put the kids down, burn calories. >> put the music on. >> have fi fun. >> we're going to hit the mats down. on the ground, ladies. again, working on those abs, some bicycles. elbows back, knees in. >> tummy time. >> good more mom. >> absolutely. >> come on back up, ladies. shadow boxing, we'll throw some punches. some rights, some lefts, bring in some kicks. absolutely. strong core. work that body. >> absolutely. >> you can always go to to check your progress. this is the place to be to get the kicks you need. >> once you have four there's no way you get a break. >> you can do it. >> you can make this work. i'm proof. >> we're going back down on the ground, ladies. hit it. it's mountain climbers. strong back. bring the knee in. straight down, good. come right back up. we're down, up, working hard. >> thank you for coming in. now i have something to do in 20 minutes and get a full workout. for more, see the october issue of self magazine. log on back in a second.
Total Number of Clips: 1 Cumulative Est. Audience: 104,115 Cumulative Est. Publicity Value: $14,200 (Sum of Clip Totals)

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