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Ten O'Clock News
KTVU (Fox) San Francisco, CA DMA: 6
10:09PM PDT April 30 2008
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to rally their rights. >>> family and friends gathered this evening to remember kashmir billon, the san ramon man who was shot and killed this past sunday. about 600 people turned out at dougherty valley high school in san ramon to rember billon. the gathering was part memorial and part celebration of his life. he would have turned 43 today. billon's wife spoke about him and all the friends he made during his life. >> we're here to talk about what a wonderful person he was. everyone that we can pass in our journey together, he touched their hearts. >> others talked about how important he was to the school his three children, his three young children attended. the funeral is scheduled this saturday in livermore. police arrested one of his associates. they say he hired someone to kill billon. the gunman is still at large. >>> it was a murder case with no body, no crime scene and the ro prosecution was based almost entirely on circumstancial evidence. however, prosecutors in the hans reiser murder trial managed to get a first-degree murder conviction. so how they do it? ktvu's amber lee is in oakland with the details. amber? >> reporter: the hans reiser case marks only the second time in alameda county history that prosecutors have been able to win a murder conviction with no body and no murder weapon. >> we the jury fix the degree of offense as murder of the first-degree. >>> a jury of five women and seven men convicted the 44-year- old reiser of first-degree murder in the death of his estranged wife nina. the head of homicide at oakland police says the evidence told his investigators that nina was a devoted mother who would never willingly leave the couple's two young children. >> the chronological, the cell phone usage, included something went wrong with her. >> she disappeared after bringing the couple's children to her husband's home. after she was mission, the police spent weeks searching for evidence. slowly they felt the circumstancial evidence on blood record, cell phone record. one said it was his own words. >> i decided to dislike him as he came and started to talk. he showed so little sympathy for his acts. >> legal analysts and former criminal defense attorney robert tall bot, when jurors don't like a defendant, circumstancial evidence could be powerful. >> what do you think is key to wing the first-degree murder conviction? >> his testimony. the jury tends to fill in the blanks. >> if nina's body had been found, it may have helped hans¦¦ reiser. the jury may have found him guilty of a lesser charge such as second-degree murder or even voluntary manslaughter. >> if the body had numerous slash marks, it may indicate in an angry state there was no intent to kill. there was an attempt to lash out because of a mental heat of passion going on. >> he now faces 25 years to life in prison. the question now is whether he will make a deal with prosecutors that involves telling authorities where to find nina's body. >> i hate the fact that knowing in my heart of hearts that nina's body is out somewhere in the community, out somewhere, without a proper cloark you are to it. i would support that. if hans could in his heart step forward to do that, i think it would be a right thing to do. >> hans reiser is scheduled to be sentenced july 9th. amber lee, ktvu channel 2 n >>> up next, overnight temperatures are dipping and that is creating new concerns
Total Number of Clips: 1 Cumulative Est. Audience: 175,448 Cumulative Est. Publicity Value: $107,336 (Sum of Clip Totals)

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