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Morning Joe
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friend, she's going the lose her one big advantage she had left. she's way down, but her advantage was she had $5 million. now she's going to have to spend a bunch of it -- >> but i'll tell you what, though, politically, mike, this is just my own -- i ran against a guy in '94 who said he was against clinton's health care plan and then i got him to say he was against clinton's tax increases, then i got him to say he's against clinton's crime control bill. so i would sit there in the debate, and finally the fourth question i asked him was, did you even vote for him in '92? you get these people in the middle trying to have it both ways, they're so easy to knock over. sometimes i think it is better to have somebody stand up and say, yeah, i support the health care bill, and let me tell you why. >> halter, the lieutenant governor, is al going up against obama's handling of the congress. what he said here is he's also against bailing out wall street with no strings attached. every aspect where the president
Total Number of Clips: 1 Cumulative Est. Audience: 249,401

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