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or cannot sit or stand for thir minutes. follow ding instructions carefully. stop taking actonel and tell your doctor... you experience diicult or paiul swallowing, chest pain or severe or ctinuing heartburn, ashese may be signs of serious... upper digeste problems. to help prevent and treat postmenopausal osteoporosi ask youroctor about actonel. me is a thief. don't leave the door open. actonel. help protect what's yours. >>> the jrnal of physician olgology dedicates its entire issue this month to exactly what makes a champion. we couldn't think of a better contributor to assign this story than to boxing champ laila ali, the daughter of the greatest of all champs, mohammed ali, and laila is with us this morning. good morning. >> thank you so much. good morning. all right. researchers have been studying the perfornce of champion athletes for about a century. everything from genetics to training methods have been considered, about the now the journal of physiology makes it closure that the fundamental trait shared by every elite athlete iseally the strength of their heart. >> see you tip finish line. >> reporter: earlier this month more than 17,000 people turned out for houston's half hour marath. though only a handful had a real shot at winning. to find out why i headed to the mayo clinic to meet with dr. michael joynor. he wrote about what makes a champion for the journal of physiology. >> i liken it to what makes a fast car. you have to have a big engine and be able to operate at a high rm m rpm, and if you are lucky, you have to get good gas mileage at the same te. >> it requires a powerful heart. one that's built for endurs. in athletes' endurance it's something called vo2 max. it's the maximum amount of oxygen consumed by the heart. >> the average person has a vo2 max of maybe 40, 35 for women, but we have elite athletes that have values in the 80s. >> reporter: that's right. the elite athlete can be twice as efficient as even the ocsional runner. pp oh, yeah pp >> reporter: chris palmer doesn't run much at all, but his sport is all about endurance. >> got to be in top shape just to play the game at the highest level. >> reporter: as captain of anaheim ducks he leads the nhl in time on the ice, helps his team to their first stanley cup last yoer and played in his fifth all-star game just last weekend. >> it's almost like golf. >> i don't play golf. >> okay. >> reporter: he is a pretty good coach, too. >> what did i tell you? >> all right. >> do you believe that you either have it or you don't, or is isomething that can be taught? >> i think you either have the talent or you don't. i think you can be taught hard work. >> reporter: but hitting the gym no matter how hard you work still won't get most people on the same field of a champion athlete. >> the average person may be somebody here in this gym. if they worked really hard and had a lot of drive, do you think they could achieve elite athlete status? >> probably not. probably what they could do is become very good in their age group and very good in their community. >> reporter: which is exactly what 35-year-old thomas baiter has done. he has played in this adult soccer league for 11 years. >> closer to 40 than i am to 20. i'm faster. i'm stronger than i have been in a long time. >> the good news is that anybody, just a standard couch potato, th average citizen, a member of the general public, can make their engine bigger, can get so they can operate at higher rpms and become more efcient. >> reporter: and intensive exercise like this has helped give baiter the kind of longevity enjoyed by the pros. minnesota vikings fullback tony richardson knows endurance. he has played in the nfl since 1994 and was selected to his third pro bowl this year. >> half of the guys that come into the league now where third and fourth grade when i started playing. >> reporter: richardson credits his 14-year career to the right training. >> we're about to find out what kind of shape you're really in. >> reporter: we wired him up to test his vo2. the results should be interesting since the average nfl play lasts less than ten seconds, and richardson's body is tuned for power and speed rather than distance. so how did he do? >> we see tony got to a value well over four liters a minute. what we know is his cardiovascular system is in real good shape,nd especially for a big man with a lot of muscle mass. i think that's one of the reasons he has been able to play as long as h has. he must have kept himself in pretty good shape. >> reporter: results like this prove that richardson can endure more time in the nfl. though he probably won't win any marathons. one of the only sports where you can find those elite athletes running with the rest of us. >> it's a good idea to have your vo2 checked to see if there's a champion within you. it's a test that can be performed at hospitaled or highend fitness centers, and you want to check with your docr before engaging in a exercise program. >> you talk about vo2, and lance armstrong has that off the charts. the heart of a champion, the inside of a champion, really talk about dna. your father, you. >> according to dr. joynor, there's no gene that says you're going to have a champion, but in my personal opinion, i believe that blood lines have a lot to do with my success. i have a lot of confidence, focus, and just a will to win that my father has. >> there you go. no denying that. you don't need a scientific test to prove that. laila ali, thank you so much. >>> just ahead, how to recession-proof your job. we'll be right back.
Total Number of Clips: 1 Cumulative Est. Audience: 3,591,710 Cumulative Est. Publicity Value: $2,601,300 (Sum of Clip Totals)

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