Every 60 seconds, we capture 40 hours of content
from 2,000 broadcast sources, searchable in near real-time.

Our API partners get complete access to TV and radio content in a machine-readable format (JSON, RSS). Search results return channel name, program title, genre, date, market, DMA, audience and advertising value.

Popular Use Cases


PR & Marketing Platforms

The world’s largest PR and marketing software suites ingest our API to provide subscribers with comprehensive text and video matching their client search profiles.


Market Mix Modeling

Consumer brands measure the impact of TV news coverage, alongside legacy advertising analysis efforts.


Real-Time Command Centers

War rooms staffed by brands and their agencies display relevant TV coverage concerning live events that are spawning high volumes of social conversations.


Investment & Trading Platforms

When seconds matter, hedge funds glean insight into investment opportunities through local broadcast coverage of market-moving events.

To discuss how the Critical Mention API can benefit your efforts, please get in touch at api@criticalmention.com.