Making history

Media monitoring used to go slow. In 2002, Critical Mention showed the world how to make it go fast. Click on the interactive timeline below to learn more about the past and future of Critical Mention’s unrivaled technology.

Critical Mention launches as a media monitoring Software-as-a-Service platform featuring lightning-speed search, automated alerts, on-screen editing and clip emails.
Companies including IBM, FEDEX, and AT&T are early adopters and quickly become loyal users.
Video galleries are introduced, allowing for storage of archived coverage on client-specific pages online.
Real-time radio is added, using speech-to-text software to make every spoken word searchable.
Report-Builder tool is launched, allowing subscribers to easily compile their coverage and instantly share it with clients and colleagues.
Self-service download tool is created, enabling TV segments to be saved offline.
Live Arabic TV is added, with real-time translation into English through speech-to-text.
WordPlay debuts, displaying closed-caption text next to video for easier editing.
TV capture is expanded to include all 210 U.S. DMAs; radio is expanded to news and talk stations in Arbitron’s top 50 markets.
Multiple API partner deals are established.
CTV4 platform is launched in BETA.
Interband’s top 10 brands includes nine of Critical Mention clients.
Monitoring of Spanish-language TV stations in the top 50 U.S. Hispanic market begins.
Licensing partnerships are established with some of the world’s top broadcasters.
Vidfinity is launched, securing cloud-based video clips with no expiration date.
Over 55,000 online news sources become available.
History and sentiment data is added the the Analytics tab.
Custom Twitter alerts are added to the platform, as well as hundreds of thousands of social and consumer blogs.
Instalytics allows for ad hoc search visulaizations.
Report functionality is reinvented and enhanced.
Mobile-friendly reporting data becomes available.