Critical Mention allows users to search global TV, Radio, Online News & Social Media, watch video, edit and share coverage, receive real-time email alerts, build reports, and analyze coverage through word clouds and graphs.

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Success Stories

Trusted by Top Global Brands

"Critical Mention is an easy-to-use broadcast monitoring platform where the user experience and interface is pleasant and straightforward... I love using Critical Mention!"

− Critical Mention user at Porter Novelli

"I have been very impressed by the Critical Mention platform."

− Critical Mention user at Buffalo Bills

"I LOVE the new Critical Mention platform. Everything is great... As a long time user I've valued Critical Mention for the real time alerts and their comprehensive monitoring."

− Critical Mention user at Maccabee Public Relations

"I really love the new Critical Mention platform.... I would without hesitation recommend Critical Mention to anyone looking for a full-time broadcast media monitoring service."

− Critical Mention user at University of Massachusetts

"It is a great platform and very easy to use. I love that I can enter in any search query and TV show at any time to get the best results."

− Critical Mention user at Weber Shandwick

"The self-service functionality and ability to edit and download clips any time serves our fast-paced team. At any time of day, as soon as something airs we’re able to share it."

− Ashley Petit, Project Lead, Southwest Airlines Listening Team

"The surprise is how much is out there. Often times, you’re sitting in your office and you don’t realize what is being said on an awful lot of media outlets. Obviously, we can see that in real-time with Critical Mention."

− Adam Townsend, EVP, Investor Relations, CBS Corporation

"Critical Mention has been especially helpful given our local needs in all the markets that we do business. The hosted video gallery allows our various teams, regional offices, and agency partners across the country to access broadcast coverage in all markets instantaneously."

− Danya Proud, Sr. Manager. McDonald’s USA

"Critical Mention is our go-to tool for staying on top of what’s happening in a fast-paced media landscape."

− Mark Giangreco, Director of Digital Communications, Democratic Governors Association

"Critical Mention has contributed to VH1’S publicity efforts by alerting us to some electronic coverage of our talent and programming that we would not have otherwise seen. This helps us build press efforts and strengthen relationships with news and entertainment media outlets."

− VH1 Representative

"Critical Mention is easier to use and deliver clips much quicker than other solutions. Being able to add keywords and names on the fly and monitor and report on situations as they happen is invaluable to manage our brand, our talent and stay informed of industry news."

− Samantha DePietro, WE TV

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Search global TV, radio, and online sources at the speed of live media coverage.

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An intuitive platform makes
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Smart graphics help you tell the story behind your media coverage.

More Data. More Coverage.

Over 40 hours of live TV and Radio added every 60 seconds.

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The most comprehensive and trusted source for TV & Radio content.

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