Fast-Tracking Your Career:
The Ultimate Guide for PR Pros

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Crisis Communication Primer For PR Pros

Helio Fred Garcia has been professionally involved in crisis and high-stake situations since 1980. Over the years he has discovered that the real value in resolving crises answers the bigger questions and makes the tough choices in a timely way.

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Dysart Unified School District Case Study

We recently spoke with a public school district in the Northwest Phoenix Metropolitan area about how they use media monitoring to improve engagement with its audiences.

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Keeping Wichita State University on It 24/7/365

Wichita State University provides a great example of how successful PR strategies start by using our platform to stay on top of a brand’s media presence. Its Critical Mention’s speedy search, easy sharing and awesome customer service that help WSU achieve.

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Real-Time Digital Marketing: The Ability to Leverage “Now”

Steve Shannon, Critical Mention’s VP of Sales, recently moderated a webinar with special guest Rebecca Lieb. Rebecca, a strategic advisor to Fortune 100 Brands, shared her expertise on real-time digital marketing (RTM). They explored strategies on handling breaking news, reviewed success stories and discussed the exciting future of RTM.

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Fast-Tracking Your Career:
The Ultimate Guide for PR Pros

Whether you are a seasoned PR veteran or an up-and-comer, this guide is sure to provide everyday tips, strategies, and advice to put your career on the fast track.

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&Barr Case Study

We recently spoke with Megan Paquin, Advertising and PR Account Director at &Barr, a full-service advertising agency in Orlando Florida about how they use Critical Mention to better monitor their clients’ media coverage.

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