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News 8 Update
WFAA (ABC)Dallas, TX DMA: 5
Sep 30 2009 10:14PM CDT
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>>> The phrase your tax dollars at work is true tonight. for war veterans returning home to new benefits. The veterans are using the benefits for college. especially a nursing program. one of nursing students is iven to succeed. >> reporter: these uta students are learning their way around a high tech mannequin that responds like a human. >> personally, i saw a lot of combat. and the nursing program -- was just up my alley. i wanted to be a part of putting people back together. >> reporter: ryan served four tours in iraq and afghanistan. took shrapnel in his head. and had a close friend die. >> he was on security and he was actually right on top of a roadside bomb. he was 19 years old. it was april 8th, 2006. >> reporter: now it is fall term 2009. and the security of a college campus. where he is driven by new ambitions and memories. >> when i came back i had the why mes. and then turned the guilt and sadness into a fuel. >> reporter: he is fighting to get into the highly competitive uta program. he doesn't have to worry about paying for it. now, benefit for veterans took effect last month. >>

Comments: This WFAA/Ch. 8 piece features UT Arlington student Rhyn Fernie, who has been working in the University Veterans' Assistance Office. Fernie had hoped to study in our highly competitive School of Nursing, but has just been called up for a sixth tour, this time in Afghanistan. - K. Sullivan
Total Number of Clips: 1

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