2014 PR Job Titles — Without the PR

public relations blogger (cc)With the conversion of marketing, internal communications, social, digital and PR now fully under way in many organizations, a host of new job titles are springing up.

At the executive level, Chief Conversation Officer and Chief Engagement Officer are gaining traction.

Like it or not, agencies have begun appending strategist to just about every title – from content, community, and engagement to experiential and digital.  What ever happened to Account Executive?

Another popular title supplanting media in titles is influencer.

One of the most exotic titles we’ve seen recently is Creative Juggernaut.  Thank you to veteran Cleveland PR recruiter Laurie Mitchell for sharing that gem.

Mitchell also noticed a resurgence of pros candidly assessing what they do and referring to themselves as publicists – especially in book publishing, entertainment and consumer.

At the annual PRSA Student Day, Mitchell advised the new crop of PR grads to seek a role that exposes new hires to all varieties of work for a host of clients.

“If you really want the broadest training, go to an agency, work for bupkis.  You’ll do everything,” she said, adding that those who took her advice never regretted working so hard for low pay early in their careers in order to discover their professional passion.