Data Scientist Job Description

The data scientist role is one of the newest positions that everyone wants to be and every business wants to fill. But what is a data scientist anyway? According to Wikipedia, Data scientists are qualified individuals with the patience to tunnel through mountains of information, the technical skills to write algorithms to extract insights from these troves of information, and the talent and vision to discern patterns while other see none.

If you’re an analytical, curious, and creative person, then this might be your perfect job. Can you imagine spending your day programming and analyzing dashboards to evaluate your company’s performance and help them to improve their strategy? We’ve broken down what data scientists do day-to-day in hopes that you can figure out if this may be the job for you. Remember: data scientists are in high demand, so if these tasks sound fun to you, go for it!


Data Scientists

Common Titles

Lead Data Scientist/ Chief Data Scientist/ Principal Data Scientist


Data Collection/ Analysis:

  • Program and analyze dashboards for relevant information

  • Manage dashboards to track what users are doing

  • Data mining, data modeling

  • Analyze historical data

  • Extract data to run through analytics platforms -> visualize data

Cleaning up Noise from data:

  • Extract signal from noise

  • Convert to information and generate insights

  • Information extraction

Statistical Modeling:

  • Create algorithms that easily scale w/ amount of data and users

  • Develop models for human physiology

  • “Machine learning” – constructing algorithms so teams can learn from and make predictions on data

  • Natural language processes (NLP)

Creating & Developing:

  • New software applications

  • Product contributions

  • File patents for inventions on behalf of the company

  • Developing commercial solutions using Big Data technologies such as Hadoop, Spark, Pig, Hive, Kafka, Storm, Cassandra, Neo4j, etc.

  • Develop production quality code to run in our data processing centers

Consumer Insights

Research & Reporting:

  • Coordinate and execute all phases of market research

  • Deliver current and relevant customer and market insights

  • Develop longitudinal survey studies to provide insights on emerging consumer needs and industry gaps

  • Design and conduct exploratory user studies, including surveys, market studies, attitude, usage and brand tracking studies.

  • Execute both quantitative and qualitative studies to help inform editorial teams of a number of magazine brands

  • Creating dynamic and actionable reports that bring the data to life

  • Track and summarize consumer trends to help keep internal clients informed about our consumers


  • Competitive analysis, industry analysis, scenario modeling.

  • Evaluate larger business (cross brand) including customer needs, client capabilities/assets, macroeconomic environment and competitive realities to identify unique market opportunities and threats.

  • Maintain understanding of the client’s financial, strategic and marketing imperatives, product and service roadmap, and competitive dynamics in the marketplace.

  • Understand how business, brands and customers interact, with deep knowledge of the role that technology plays in this relationship.


  • Develop digital strategies that can be applied across multiple business lines and channels.

  • Initiate digital strategies from identification of opportunity through to execution.

  • Interact with global marketing and product development teams, during all stages of the product development and commercialization process, to consultatively support their design and implementation of impactful market research activities, including synthesis and communication of results and findings.

Client Recommendation:

  • Builds relationships with the internal and client teams to foster relationships and drive adoption of our strategies

  • Provide visionary strategic growth recommendations to clients.

  • Work and collaborate with client services in making client presentations and providing key strategic approach.