Every trick-or-treater knows that the candy haul is better at some houses than others. Chocolate bars and fresh baked cookies get the job done. Unripe fruit or a couple of shiny pennies don’t.

Turns out trick-or-treating is a lot like choosing a media monitoring service. If you want to get the job done, you have to make sure your provider is filling your bag with a bounty of valuable features. Here are a few Halloween hints on how to distinguish the tricks from the treats in media monitoring platforms.

Trick: If you’re looking for speedy search in your bag of goodies, ask yourself, “How fast is fast?” These days, one hour is way too long to wait for the content you need, let alone one day. Go fast or go home!
Treat: Real-time searching and alerts keep important coverage flowing as it happens, so you’re always the first to know. In the fast-paced world of media relations, there’s simply no substitute for staying up-to-minute on breaking news.

Trick: “Innovative” is the buzzword that seems to describe every tech product out there. But sometimes “innovative” means just changing the wrapper on the same old candy bar. Old-school monitoring platforms will only slow you down and disappoint your team.
Treat: Your entire media monitoring process should be easy and intuitive, complete with one-click sharing and tools that make creating good-looking reports a snap. The technology should do the heavy lifting and make you look like a PR rock star…no costume required.

Trick: Nothing is more exasperating than a customer support team that magically disappears precisely at the moment you need them most. It’s like being abandoned in a haunted house. Sometimes you need a hand when the unexpected sneaks up and screams “Boo!”
Treat: You deserve a dedicated account manager and a live customer support expert that’s available every day and every night. Even Halloween night, just in case things get scary.

Want to learn more about media monitoring the way it oughta be? Knock on our door. And have a happy Halloween!

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